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Central air conditioning works processor introduction ends

Central air conditioning works ends processor introduced for the end of the hotels, shopping malls , hospitals , office buildings , office buildings , factories and other central air conditioning works better arrangement of processors which brand ? For many consumers in terms of friends , the end of the processor installed played a certain role , brought no small effect for the overall design .
McQuay (McQuay) since 1872 in Minnesota inception, has been committed to new products , research and development of new technologies. Hundred years, McQuay air conditioning and refrigeration in the field not only have the most sophisticated technology, advanced manufacturing tools and processing equipment , and forge ahead and innovate , has been at the forefront of air conditioning technology.
MDW series McQuay meet market demand is the launch of a new central air conditioning terminal air handling units . The series compact unit with 22 150 kinds of standard models available for flexible options.
McQuay MDW series features central air conditioning
■ using McQuay patented frameless structure , central air conditioning no cold bridges , leakproof wind sharp design, the whole air leakage rate.
■ 25mm thick double wall panels, polyurethane foam insulation, with excellent thermal insulation, sound insulation.
■ efficiency and low noise double inlet forward multi-blade fan , using the V -belt drive , stable performance, wind, air pressure can meet a variety of needs within the allowable range.
■ Using professional coil selection software selection and design , the unit parameters efficient, accurate , and reliable.
■ Use mildew -type primary filter , low initial resistance , greatly reducing power consumption unit , and there are easy to clean, easy to use and simple features. Ground source heat pump
■ There are a variety of standard machine outside the residual pressure models available , another takeover offer different ways , choose a different way out of the wind and the number of coil rows , choose a more convenient, fast and flexible.
■ Selection machine computer software intellectual property rights , the unit is designed for McQuay MDW launched Selection quote software , flexible , easy to choose the right unit according to customer needs , and can provide customers with the selection of specific results .
■ Product audited by QS national industrial production permit.
Ordering Information
Please specify when ordering unit model , specifications, quantity and usage conditions, there are special requirements to be described in detail .
The family unit is available in standard machine outside the residual pressure , they can also according to customer requirements to provide different machine outside the residual pressure , please specify the machine outside the residual pressure when ordering.
Crew took about style discrimination .