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Tells America's commercial air [K] Series

On the market for users who can bring real results, that is the winner. Central air-conditioning in the United States in the role of central air conditioning is for all to see, its major products all have their own characteristics, such as paper, we have described the U.S. commercial air [K] series is. 
Tells America's commercial air [K] series is divided into a variety of models and forms, such as air conditioning boxes, fan coil units and so on. Here, we will want to talk about is the role of the characteristics of the U.S. What are the main air box. 
Unit features: 
Internal and external isolation, cut off cold bridge 
Multiple seals, ground source heat pump to prevent air leakage 
Ultra-low noise, quiet operation 
Efficient heat exchanger, excellent performance 
Appearance, corrosion resistant to damage 
Assembly structure, easy maintenance 
This is the air conditioning MKSII series features the United States, there are multiple styles available to match with the decoration; fan duct optimization, high winds, low noise; exchanger design optimization, higher heat transfer efficiency; "ladder" aluminum frame structure, stable and reliable.