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Gree 1 Hz energy-saving inverter air conditioner led top

Gree 1 Hz energy-saving inverter air conditioner led the list, has its reason. With the industry's most advanced inverter technology - the advent of Gree 1 Hz frequency technology and massive popularity , Gree inverter air conditioner sales soared . According to the third-party online industry research firm released throughout 2011 , Gree inverter air conditioner cumulative sales reached 12.096 million units, accounting for 37.65% of the total industry sales of inverter air conditioner , 10 percentage points higher than the second . From the monthly statistical point of view, since the second half of 2011, Gree air-conditioning monthly expand market share , and for more than a month market share of over 50% , with an absolute ranked first .
As global sales for seven consecutive years won the championship Gree , has been committed to the development and promotion of energy-saving technologies . Its self-developed 1 Hz frequency technology was awarded the 2011 National Science and Technology Progress Award , becoming the only professional award-winning air-conditioning business . Agriculture air conditioning It is understood that the application of 1 Hz frequency conversion air-conditioning technology , compared to traditional air conditioning each saving about 440 degrees each year , saving electricity 264 yuan ( by 0.6 yuan / calculation ) , if all domestic sales of air-conditioning inverter air conditioner is 1 Hz , cold year by 2011 domestic 61,618,500 units per year to achieve saving of about 27.11 billion kWh, equivalent to reducing carbon dioxide emissions from 27,040,000 tons .
Adhere to independent innovation , to fully grasp the core technology is in government procurement Gree invincible holy grail. In particular technological advantage in the field of inverter air conditioner , laid Gree unique frequency dominance . Recently, sponsored by the China National Institute of Standardization "2011 China Energy Saving Products Business Leaders List" announced, including nine classes Class 1 appliances and lighting products . Which led Zhuhai Gree "room air conditioner energy efficiency leaders list", fully demonstrates the Gree