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Daikin air conditioning fault code

Daikin air conditioning industry as a leader in the industry has a very good rating , then the use of the process , we can easily find some of the issues which will arise , Daikin air-conditioning fault on harmonization provided by Daikin Airconditioning official website code data for the conditions that we are no longer panicked , central air conditioning and can be resolved quickly .
After the fact, we are in the process of using the Daikin air conditioning Daikin Airconditioning internal self- protection function , under normal circumstances we know that the problem represented by the code , will cut us a lot less time . Here is what we are going to analyze for everyone concerned Daikin air conditioning fault code information .
Daikin Air Conditioner fault code
Adverse A1PC board
A3 drainage water level control system failure
A6 fan motor is locked , overload
A9 electronic expansion valve driving part failure
C4 liquid pipe thermistor (R2T) fault
C5 pipe thermistor (R3T) fault
C9 suction pipe thermistor (R1T) fault
CJ remote control thermostat in touch pass failure
Daikin air conditioner outdoor unit fault code
Adverse E1 outdoor unit PC board
E3 high voltage switching
E4 low voltage sensor movement
E9 electronic expansion valve driving part failure
F6 excess refrigerant filling
H9 outdoor unit air thermistor (R1T) fault
J3 exhaust pipe thermistor (R31 ~ 33T) failure
J5 suction pipe thermistor (R2T) fault
J6 heat exchanger thermistor (R4T) fault
Daikin air-conditioning system fault code
U0 low expansion valve failure or shortage of the refrigerant caused by electronic drop
U1 inverting
U2 supply voltage is insufficient or momentary power failure
U3 does not perform a check operation
U4 signal failure
U5 transmission failure between the indoor unit or the remote control and configuration error
U8 transmission failure between the primary and secondary remote control remote control
U9 same transmission fault in the system between the indoor unit and outdoor unit 's
UF refrigerant system is not set , incompatible wiring / piping
UH system failure , the refrigerant system address determined