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Haier air conditioning three base stations dedicated

Haier air conditioning station dedicated to fully meet the specific requirements of a variety of complex working conditions and communication base station communications equipment for special air-conditioning remote monitoring and automated operation , which completely implements the duty station air-conditioning and high reliability run unattended , telecommunications, special user room , and communications to provide good temperature environment to ensure safe and reliable operation of communications equipment , which is central air conditioning and general differences.
C, -15 degrees ultra-low temperature refrigeration ( before they realize this function requires the optional wind controller after my company )
Use special features , by detecting the outdoor condenser condensing pressure control outdoor fan operation , to achieve the outdoor heat transfer of control to ensure that the air conditioning unit is running in the special operating conditions ( This feature is particularly suitable for the base station , room , etc. heat focused on air cleanliness requirements have not directly with the outside air temperature environment interchangeable occasions , through the use of special features provided by our company can be achieved on an ordinary air-conditioning extensions )
D, small, space-saving
Optimization of the indoor unit after a reasonable structure design, with compact features , installation space requirements small, so space station room to get more efficient use .
E, cooling and heating , rapid strength
The machine has a strong operating capabilities, strong air flow circulation , Yifu Lai , rapid heating and cooling can be strong , thermostat uniform, rapid , air soft and comfortable.
F, high energy efficiency , energy saving extraordinary
The machine uses high thread copper tube , high performance scroll compressor , high energy efficiency , at the same power consumption , the output more cold ( heat) to make the room more quickly reach a comfortable temperature, the more energy-saving electricity.
G, quiet operation with low noise
Using large diameter centrifugal fan and optimized turbine -shaped duct design , so that more air farther , quieter ; adopt international advanced brand compressor , reducing the outdoor unit vibration, reduce air conditioning operating noise .
For all of the features above is the author of Haier air conditioning station dedicated analysis introduction, we hope to be able to have some knowledge of Haier air conditioning in future procurement and use when there is a clear sense of direction , if you need to understand other aspects of the information, we may call detailed consultation to understand .
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