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Oaks Air Conditioning give you 10 reasons

Science and technology , should eventually return to humanity : In order to provide the most appropriate health space , the major brands of air conditioning businesses continue to develop , produce a variety of air-conditioning products for consumer use . Daikin air conditioners and other household products , such as that has always been to meet the real needs of consumers as the goal, developed a device with humane products .
Originally, we central air MDV4 + advantages papers in the United States ( a ) , (b ) the talk too about the United States some of the features of the advantages of central air-conditioning , but this time we want to talk about is air-conditioned Oaks give you 10 reasons why Oaks also become our consumption choose reasons.
One reason China Brand: international brands, Chinese Famous Brand, China Top Brand , China energy-saving products .
Second reason VLSI : 3 large production bases, 48 automatic assembly lines , with an annual capacity of 700 million units.
Three reasons Manufacturing: Air conditioning 15 years of manufacturing history .
Four reasons leading technology : a national post-doctoral workstations , Japan, Korea Industrial Design .
Five reasons class equipment : 10 sets of Japan's high-precision machine " two " on the production line ; five sets of Siemens SMT placement machine ; eight sets of German Wagner automatic spraying line ; 38 Taiwan and Finland versatile punch. Fan coil
Six reasons Efficiency: Panasonic , Hitachi, Toshiba and other international brand compressor , strong cooling, heating , energy saving up to 31.8% , was the latest international energy certification .
Quality affordable seven reasons : Accessories made ​​up to 90 %, effectively guarantee product quality , highlighting the cost advantage.
Eight reasons mute comfort : inside and outside the country 's first double- mute, ultra quiet , quiet attitude .
Nine reasons 5A Service : 6 years repair, 10 -year exemption , more than 8,000 service outlets , 24- hour service.
Ten international quality reasons : the EC has won CE, German TUV, ISO9001, Australia's energy efficiency rating certification, the products are exported to more than 120 countries and regions.