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Ground source heat pump

Ground source heat pump , also known as ground-source central air conditioning, use of underground temperature to soil or groundwater has a relatively stable temperature characteristics , underground or high low low low heat as heat source for heating the cold refrigeration and air conditioning system energy conversion. Is currently the most efficient air conditioning field , minimum pollution , the most energy-efficient , heating / cooling is the most stable and well-being of the next generation of central air conditioning equipment .
       ( Winter ) heating : when the unit is in the heating mode , from the soil / water absorbs heat through the heat exchanger and the compressor earth concentration and higher temperature is released into the room .
       ( Summer ) Cooling : The purpose of the unit in the cooling mode when extracted from the soil / water cooling , through a heat exchanger to cool the compressor and the amount of concentrate into the interior , while the indoor heat emissions to soil / water cooling to achieve ground source heat pump is a response to people's increasing awareness of environmental protection , increasing depletion , introduction of energy saving consciousness tangible developed along with energy saving , high reliability , easy operation, reduce equipment initial investment, the most cost- saving and environmental protection in central air conditioning system.
Ground source heat pump central air-conditioning system features:
Renewable sex
        Ground source heat pump is a use of the stored energy of the Earth's resources as a heat source for heating refrigeration and air conditioning systems for energy conversion , a ground source heat pump technology utilizes clean, renewable energy. Surface soil and water is a huge solar collectors, solar radiation collected more than 500 times the energy of the human use of more than a year ( the underground water is indirect acceptance of solar radiation energy through the soil ) ; it is also a great dynamic energy balance system , soil and surface water bodies naturally maintain the energy acceptance and divergence relative balance , the successful use of ground source heat pump technology , which makes use of storage in virtually unlimited solar energy or geothermal energy a reality.
High efficiency energy saving
        Ground source heat pump use soil or water temperature in winter is 12-22 ℃, the temperature higher than the ambient air temperature. Evaporation temperature heat pump cycle improvement , energy efficiency is also improved ; soil or water temperature in summer is 18-32 ℃, a temperature lower than the ambient air temperature , cooling system condensing temperature decreases, so that the cooling effect on the cooling tower and air-cooled , crew efficiency is greatly improved , can save 30-40 % of operating costs. 1KW power can be put above 4KW 5KW heat or cold over .
Significant environmental and economic benefits
       Ground source heat pump is running, do not consume water is not polluted water , no boilers, cooling towers, do not need to stacked fuel waste sites , significant environmental benefits . Ground source heat pump power consumption , and air source heat pump can be reduced more than 40% compared ; compared with electric heating can be reduced by more than 70% of its heating system by an average of nearly 50 % higher than the efficiency of gas-fired boiler , oil boiler than the higher efficiency of 75%.
Multi-purpose machines are widely used
       Ground source heat pump system heating, cooling , domestic hot water are also available , a machine, a system that can replace the original system sets