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Small water source heat pump

Villa land-source heat pump
Water to water source heat pump
Small water source heat pump is one of the central air-conditioning Guelleh developed a series of central air-conditioning products, small ground source heat pump with its high efficiency , low noise , reasonable structure, simple operation, safe , and easy to install and maintain a wide range of applications in hotels, shopping malls , office buildings , villas and other small places of comfort central air conditioning systems and sanitary hot water systems , and to meet the electronics, pharmaceutical, bio- technology and other small places higher use of air conditioning system requirements .
Traditional large-scale ground source heat pump central air conditioning alone in the cold over 150kw , 120 square meters in air-conditioned spaces below the cold without a corresponding stand-alone options, in response to market demand , the company developed a series of small ground source heat pump central air conditioning, in the use of make up this gap. The family unit is more suitable for large-scale multi-functional air-conditioning use spaces , multi-machine or machine coupling module combination to achieve sub-control , flexible and energy efficient.
Product Features :
1, select a wide
       This series of stand-alone cooling capacity from 6.5kw-140kw, cold close evenly distributed , the user can be tailored , wide choice of cold ;
       The series of small ground source heat pump heat source water temperature at 10 ℃ ~ 35 ℃, stable and efficient use of lateral water can run under 5 ℃ ~ 50 ℃, the unit runs a wide range ;
       The family unit has a common type , and some heat recovery , all three designs in the form of heat recovery , in which part of the whole heat recovery and heat recovery in addition to the ordinary type cooling and heating domestic hot water are also available outside ;
       The family unit has R22, R407C, R410A, R134A, R290 , and special offers to select high-temperature refrigerant , the refrigerant choice broad.
2 , advanced technology
       The series of small ground source heat pump , air conditioning using a variety of advanced technologies, such as multi-energy level adjustment ; compressor Two Parallel ; unique built-in heat recovery heat pump technology ; efficient and accurate technical crew freezing water side ......
3 , smooth , quiet and low noise
       The unit uses highly efficient scroll compressor full closure , horizontal multistage centrifugal pump, fully enclosed structure housing , low noise , smooth operation.
4 , excellent heat and smooth operation
       As a low temperature heat source water temperature is relatively stable year , far less than its fluctuation range fluctuations in air temperature , making the unit run more stable and reliable , but also to ensure the system's efficiency and economy, the winter air heat pump units defrost does not exist , difficult problems such as decay heat capacity .
5 , digital centralized control , accurate and efficient
       The unit uses a compressor , pumps, cooling system accessories , electrical control components are well-known company's products. Control is accurate , reliable, user friendly controller , users can keep abreast of the unit operation. High degree of automation unit , functional , able to start and stop the program management unit , timing control , fault alarm and fault self-diagnosis function, but can be equipped with RS485/RS232 communication interface ( optional ) , user-friendly models to achieve monitoring and remote units monitoring.
6 , complete protection, safe and reliable
       Units are equipped with high pressure , low pressure switch , overload relays , phase Xu protection, frost protection and delay start protection devices to ensure host security , reliable operation.
7, the installation simple , fully functional
       Commutation internal cooling system , without external heating and cooling system containing refrigerant conversion valve , so that the entire air conditioning system installation becomes simple and clean, like a convenient home air conditioning operation. Just making simple cement -based unit can be installed fixed .
8 , clean and environmentally friendly , energy efficient
      The family unit is water as a heat source, run more efficient than air source heat pump , cooling eliminates the need for cooling towers, cooling towers to avoid the noise and mold contamination ; hot when there is no combustion process does not produce waste, waste water, waste gas and smoke , eliminating the need for coal, oil , gas boilers and boiler room , making the environment more beautiful .
China Guelleh central air conditioning, water source heat pump manufacturers to provide professional small ground source heat pump . Guelleh central air conditioning, factory direct, eliminating intermediate agents in the middle of the profits , lower prices ! Guelleh expert technology , better quality !
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