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Air source heat pump (household fixed frequency)

Air source heat pump
Due to the use of air source heat pump heating elements are not directly heated , so in terms of the relative electric water heater , to prevent leakage safety hazard ; relatively speaking gas water heater , air source heat pump is no gas leak , safety hazards or carbon monoxide poisoning and the like, and thus air source heat pump with superior safety performance.
Air source heat pump comfort
Air source heat pump is regenerative , the heating is automatically activated according to the temperature inside the tank to ensure an adequate supply of hot water 24 hours , so the air -source heat pump does not appear like a gas water heater that failed to meet a number of problems with hot water faucet , air source heat pump water heater will not appear small capacity issues need to wait more than a bath . Air source heat pump means that the use of hot water , water volume, water temperature stability, air source heat pump hot water to meet all of your expectations .
Air source heat pump to save money
Since only a quarter of the same amount of electric air source heat pump water heater power consumption , which is equivalent to using the same amount of hot water , using air heat pump , electric heating only a quarter of electricity . In a family of four to calculate the normal amount of hot water used in the 200L / day or so, electric water heaters, heating , electricity takes about 4 yuan / day, while air heat pump only need about 1 yuan / day, an air source heat pump annual electricity savings of 1,000 yuan .
Air source heat pump refrigeration kitchen
This is the biggest advantage of air-source heat pumps , water heaters, general ( such as electric heating , gas water heaters , solar water heaters, etc. ) does not have the cooling function. If additional cooling to the kitchen , you need to buy a kitchen air conditioning. Since the kitchen has smoke, is a special environment, so with ordinary air -conditioned kitchen is not the same , the price should be much more expensive .
Air source heat pump green
Gas water heater hot water heated by the burning of combustible gases , and emit large quantities of carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide and other harmful emissions. Air heat pump simply ambient air heat transfer to the water, fully achieve zero emissions, air source heat pump almost no impact on the environment , is truly environmentally friendly water heaters.