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Residential central air conditioning unit

Product Description
CPC residential air conditioning units set the current international advanced design ideas, refrigeration technology, intelligent control integrated manufacturing technology , independent research and development out of an environmentally friendly, energy-saving household wind cold ( hot ) water, air conditioning units, and a key part of its control system using a well-known foreign brand components , the various types of fan coil unit with freely configurable and hot water boilers . You can really have a relaxed , orderly and efficient working environment and comfortable, warm and healthy living environment .
Nurses features central air conditioning units
1 , complete specifications, structural diversity
Structural design unit with side wind , the top structure of the wind power system has a single 220v
Three phase 380v, both commonly used refrigerants R22, there are new environmentally friendly refrigerants R407C and R410A.
2 , wide application
The unique design ensures that the heat source unit work under -10 ℃ -46 ℃ ambient temperature.
3 , high efficiency energy saving, long life
Optional accessories unit known brands , long unit life abroad . Evaporator using advanced , compact , efficient plate heat exchanger, blower according to load changes can be adjusted , can improve performance and save energy.
4, compact , easy to install
Consider the unit to maximize the user's installation, design cooling system to a closed system , users simply plug in the power and water pipes , you can use the unit without special room can be arranged in any of their houses , terrace roof.
5, easy operation and simple maintenance
Microcomputer controller , simple, precise control of the unit safe operation while leaving the remote control unit in the port , the indoor fan coil can be achieved with joint control , user-friendly, remove the unit maintenance classes , you can repair any parts appear when anomalies trip , intelligent controller will alarm , and displays the fault code, greatly simplifying maintenance.
6 , complete protection, safe and reliable
With multiple safety protection , stable and reliable
7 , quiet operation , air soft
The unit uses a scroll compressor , flexible start-stop , low- noise axial fan blower , the unit quiet operation . While adjusting the water temperature , indoor air softer