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Duct air-conditioning units

Product Description
Guelleh AFG series of central air-conditioning duct air -conditioning unit combines the comfort of central air conditioning , high-end home and small split air conditioners and other advantages of easy installation and flexible , widely applicable to small supermarkets, chain stores , hotels, restaurants, offices, conference rooms and other small commercial and industrial applications, building air conditioning engineering .
Product Features :
Reliable operation, excellent performance
Security protection function , with a strong self-diagnostic function.
The indoor unit designed high static pressure , air passes through centralized processing , enabling long-distance air duct .
According to the actual needs of the user by changing the interior electrical wiring , to achieve freedom and pressure to convert standard and high residual pressure of .
Structural design science unit , installation , testing , repair and maintenance is very convenient.
The same cooling capacity of the outdoor unit can be flexibly configured high static pressure , static pressure two kinds of ordinary indoor unit , to meet the different needs of air , very convenient.
The unit uses a unique two-fold structure, stable and reliable, patented spray formulation , no rust, a dedicated anti- cold bridge insulation materials, no condensation , static and dynamic balance testing and inspection , so she " static if the child"
The bottom of the indoor unit drain pan with a certain inclination , to ensure that all condensate discharge to prevent condensate stagnation .
Superior control and powerful display capabilities
Control memory control , remote control, communications control, timing control, fault diagnosis alarm , energy control, automatic control, temperature control , mode control, centralized control ( control up to 16 units )
Display Function : clock display, the display timer switch , cancel the timer display , fan speed display , operation mode display , defrost display , tests showed , energy display , temperature display , fault code display,
Installation flexibility , ease of use
Any outdoor installation , roofs, balconies , floors , etc. you choose , indoor ultra-thin design , floor , hidden or ceiling, decorated with the customer . Are nice.
Simple all- Chinese machine controller enables simple and flexible remote control unit to operate, easily controlled
Machine Zealand scientific structure , installation, testing and maintenance , and maintenance is very convenient.