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Wind colded water unit

Wind colded water unit is air as a heat source, with water as the cooling ( heat ) medium , as a heat source dual-purpose integrated central air-conditioning equipment.
The unit can be placed directly on the roof, on the podium platform or ground level , without the construction of a dedicated room, safe and clean to the outdoor air is a direct heat source, is currently the hot and cold water, air-conditioning products, maintenance, repair the most economical and simple models. Unit for its high efficiency, low noise, reasonable structure, simple operation, safe , easy installation and maintenance , etc., are widely used in the comfort of central air conditioning systems , shopping malls, office buildings , exhibition halls , airports , stadiums and other public facilities , and technology to meet the different requirements of the air conditioning system electronics, pharmaceutical, biotechnology , textile, chemical, metallurgy , electric power, machinery and other industries.
       Wind colded water unit into a single cold -and heat pump , heat pump unit which sets the cooling and heating in one, to refrigeration, heating can be realized summer cooling and winter heating, a multi-purpose machine . Therefore, air-cooled heat pump heating boiler is usually neither , nor heating network or other heat sources , but requires annual air conditioning HVAC engineering design priority feed use program , with all the advantages of the fan coil .
       Wind cold water unit is the basis of absorbing domestic and foreign top of the latest technology , research and development of new commercial central air conditioning unit designed and manufactured in strict accordance with national standards, industry standards , featuring world famous compressor, fan , refrigerant control Oh Aung of the components of the system and computer cool ; through rational design and system matching can be more than a dozen groups under temperature conditions of -10 ℃ efficient heating, products widely used in east, South , southwest , and some water-scarce areas.
Product Features
        Wide range of options
1 , this series of cooling capacity range from 50KW-760kw, a variety of specifications to choose from, multiple modules can be freely combined .
2 , each size unit has a single cold type and heat pump .
3 , modular units to choose from a variety of structures to meet the needs of all users in the region .
4 , each specification units are a common type of computer-controlled and computer-controlled luxury two control modes .
5 , according to the special requirements of users, provide auxiliary heating , water pumps and other functional devices.
6, can be designed as low- temperature air-cooled chiller type of glycol and other non -standard products according to user needs.
Save space
1, the unit uses a high efficiency heat exchanger , the use of advanced special shape structural design and system matching . The unit is small, light weight , small footprint .
2 , the unit can be installed directly outdoors with a roof or elsewhere , without a separate room, to save space.
Complete protection
Units are equipped with thermal protection switch , overload relays , low voltage , reverse phase missing items , antifreeze switch and delay start protection devices to ensure host security , reliable operation.
The modular design
Larger capacity units, modular modular structure, the unit transportation, installation and commissioning and maintenance easier , saving lifting, installation and operating costs.
Delicate and beautiful appearance
1 , according to the formal structure fin condenser , air-cooled modular chiller of a U-shaped , inverted M -type , V -type three structures , small unit size, high utilization of space .
2 , the unit matching reasonably related components , systems management and reasonable layout, with each type condenser structure , the unit appearance is clear and smooth 3 , the unit shell with powder electrostatic spray , color uniformity , appearance, users can choose their favorite color , you can choose to make stainless steel chassis , like rust , to adapt to the harsh outdoor weather conditions , to ensure that crew has a good appearance quality within the life cycle.
Ultra-low noise operation tranquility
1, using efficient hermetic scroll compressor , running balance , noise vibration.
2 , the use of well-known brands axial fans , compact, aerodynamic , sickle- cast aluminum impeller, the fan can operate efficiently at lower noise , even in the same state short outlet can maintain good aerodynamic performance .
Advanced control, stable quality, reliable performance
1, the unit uses a compressor, fan , cooling system accessories, computer electrical control components are famous company's products, good quality, control accuracy, reliable performance . Heat pumps for a variety of possible adverse working conditions adaptable, easy maintenance and high operating efficiency .
2 , the use of advanced microcomputer control technology, all Chinese human-machine interface display , friendly interface . User- friendly interface. Users to understand the operation of the unit .
3 , high degree of automation , functional , able to start and stop the program management unit , timing control , pump management , full-function fault alarm and fault self-diagnosis function. Equipped with RS485/RS232 communication interface , user-friendly unit to achieve centralized monitoring and remote monitoring.
4, using intelligent defrost , defrost timely and thorough to avoid heat loss. Along with intelligent defrost , energy management , frost monitoring, operation mode and a number of automatic control functions to ensure efficient operation of the unit .
Convenient maintenance and management
1 , the unit installation flexibility , both on-site control can also be remote control.
2, the unit uses an open architecture , its compressors, refrigeration parts and electronic control systems are placed in the lower part of the unit , a large maintenance space , easy maintenance easy.