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Water-cooled chiller

Rigorous design and excellent options
1 , when fully consider the actual operating conditions , a reasonable system design , all components are selected by a computer to optimize the selection , each refrigeration components to minimize energy losses , improve unit efficiency. The key parts units are internationally renowned brands of imported parts or assemblies .
( 1 ) the use of world-class imported semi-hermetic screw compressors, efficient 5:6 asymmetric rotor tooth structure design , energy-saving effect is remarkable , segmented or stepless capacity control systems, high part-load efficiency, zero bearing clearance , differential pressure fuel system , running balance , low noise , university built- oil separator, oil filter effect is good , the effect of oil up to 99.95% , the heat transfer function more perfect.
( 2 ) the use of the most advanced DAE / DAC efficient heat pipe , heat transfer surfaces and a long spiral thin spiral ribs protruding , so greatly improved heat transfer coefficient , the unique design of heat exchanger structure , with the best brass column and precise way to control the refrigerant , so that the heat transfer efficiency is improved.
( 3 ) cooling system accessories all made of world famous brand products, such as removable filter drier , outside the balanced expansion valve , the liquid supply solenoid valve, sight glass , high and low pressure controller such as the use of world-class manufacturers of brand-name products to ensure unit to achieve excellent performance levels.
2 , reliable operation
              Relying on the most advanced design concepts, using a single-stage compression refrigeration cycle technologies to achieve high performance , and low failure rate , combined with a wealth of automatic protection configuration and adjustment device , enabling unattended operation.
3 , excellent quality
              Each unit in strict accordance with national standards , through a number of national refrigeration equipment detected by the testing center accredited full- performance test equipment , and the performance indicators have reached or exceeded the national standard requirements , and will be allowed to leave the factory.
4 , easy to install
        The aircraft has completed the piping assembly and installation and commissioning of electrical control circuit in the factory , just in the scene as well as plumbing pipes power , can be put into operation.
High-speed embedded microprocessor control and powerful
        Fully automated saving operation function , according to the load state level automatically adjusts the compressor is running .
        Advanced touch screen technology , touch , good touch every point of the continuous life of up to one million times , to ensure that the whole of life,
        Extensive protection, phase sequence protection , water , water protection, high and low voltage protection, frost protection , overload protection, thermal protection , effectively protecting the reliability of plant operation ;
        Hardware system with Jane breaking capacity, can automatically exclude their own fault ;
       Software system redundancy , trap technology combines hardware WATCHDOG , greatly improving the overall anti-jamming capability ;
        Press in order to start and wear balance function ;
        Set aside short message function control , users can easily control the unit via SMS ;
        Independent power supply technology, power supply isolation , anti-jamming capability ;
        Multi- function timer switch control ;
        Automatically determine fault , alarm and fault history search function ;
        Parameter setting overrun limit function ;
       A variety of operating control mode functions ; refrigeration, automatic judgment, manual switch ;
       Set multiple password protection and control functions
       External ( such as fire systems, cooling water systems, etc. ) chain functions ;
       Reserved PC monitoring system, the user can through the converter , PC software and other methods to increase PC monitor can be realized ;
       Network communication function - Support a variety of electronic communication protocols , you can achieve multiple hosts networking group control , but also smart devices with multiple communication protocols open networking communications.
Optional accessories
Optional accessories 
ASL unit can be configured to provide the following options 
1, PLC controller 
2, inorganic capacity adjustment 
3, the soft-start 
4, heat recovery function 
5, wooden crates 
6, rectangular base 
7, with every speaker 
8, anti-corrosion 
9, the water side 2.0MPa pressure capability 
10, R407CR410a, R134a refrigerant 
11, other optional accessories random 
A \ other rubber shock pad 
B, spring shock absorbers 
C, a remote control box