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Module ground source heat pump

Product Description 
      Ground source heat pump module series air conditioning units, air-conditioning Co., Ltd. is Guelleh After extensive market research, carved secret agents launched an energy-efficient commercial central air conditioning.
The core concept:
First, is the festival capital , modular design versatility , expansion capability may add one or more modules for expansion and does not require the user to set the standby unit to save lots of disposable funds .
Second, the full energy-saving , multi-level energy regulation , to keep track of the user running the load and adjust the number of modules , the unit is running at any one time is always the most efficient point work , IPLV factor greatly improved.
3, 10 to facilitate handling and lifting , will make large-scale refrigeration units of decentralized transportation, lifting, installing light and fast. Guelleh 's geo heat pump air-conditioning Co. module series is divided into two major categories ; namely and fully enclosed ( tube type heat exchanger ) , each can be combined freely open ( open heat exchanger ) , in which the basic unit open module 80kw and 120kw, basic modules are fully enclosed 120kw and 160kw of four models ; these models have available with heat recovery units, and various environmentally friendly refrigerants such as: for users R407c, R134A and other crew selection .
Up to eight units can be put together modules, maximum cooling capacity of 1280kw, for an area of ​​600m2-1100m2.
Widely used in offices, hotels , supermarkets, hospitals, banks , farms and other large and medium-sized establishments .
        Energy: solved under part load efficiency and reduce problems. Modular ground source heat pump to adjust the number of modular units put into operation according to the system requirements, each running the module units are running at peak efficiency . Module is easily solved in part load operation reduces the cooling efficiency of the long-standing tradition of ground source heat pump real problem , users can experience the payment of electricity bills by the end of the energy-saving benefits.
        Reliable: When given the failure of each module unit , the unit will not affect the operation of other modules , while allowing the user to keep the unit running at the same time , to repair faulty modules and maintenance .
       Easy installation : Let handling work piecemeal , at ease. Ground source heat pump module in the standard modular units in the field to complete the combination , the whole process does not require the transport and handling of large lifting machinery and specialized building channels , they can easily be a large refrigeration unit served in the basement of the building or roof .
        Flexible expansion : free expansion flexibility allows users and designers did not worry . Modular ground source heat pump capacity control feature allows casual users to arrange purchase necessary stages of their career development , phased installation ; project designers do not have to carry the load brains for quantity calculations and the use of equipment with 1 or 3 5 with 2 backup plan , because in the future need to be any increase in expansion module unit , in addition to the device itself and any additional costs will not occur. Especially the phased construction of large-scale engineering projects or re-election in accordance with financial situation , investment stages , improve capital utilization.
         N +1 capacity reserve a new concept : modular mutual backup feature has revolutionized the concept of capacity reserves. Modular ground source heat pump capacity of the reserve increase capacity N +1 is just a module unit , rather than the traditional ground source heat pump in the capacity of a single unit. The new definition of N +1 modular ground source heat pump will undoubtedly allow users to enjoy more benefits.
        Quiet operation : The cabinet isolation design, multiple noise reduction, coupled with low noise hermetic scroll compressor uses , nighttime cooling mode with mute function occupies more industry- leading level ; relying National Precision Noise room and the noise spectrum analysis on parts of a strict comparison, selection and improvement of structures and pipelines professional use of a machine for a wide range
       Units with heat recovery can be cooling / heating, cooling can be "free" to provide domestic hot water about 45 ℃ , a machine energy-saving and convenient ; wide range of plant operation water temperature : 8 ℃ -35 ℃.