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The new wind ventilators series

The new wind ventilators is a kind of fresh outdoor air is filtered , purified , hot-swap deal fed indoors, but will also indoor pollution by harmful gases through the filter , purify . After the heat exchange process from the outdoors , and indoor air temperatures are substantially independent of the impact of a new energy-efficient , environment-friendly high-tech products .
The new wind ventilators core device is full heat , polluted indoor air is discharged into the fresh air and outdoor temperature through heat exchange both boards, while exchanging moisture through the porous plate , so as to achieve both ventilation Also keep indoor temperature and humidity stable results. This is a total heat exchange process . When running at full heat of summer cooling , the new wind obtained from the exhaust of the cold , the temperature is lowered , while the exhaust is dry, so that the new air humidity decreases ; run in the winter , the new heat from the exhaust air to get in , so temperature, exhaust while being humidified.
The new wind ventilators machine basic structure
The new wind ventilators mainly by heat exchange systems, power systems, filtration systems, control systems, noise reduction system and cabinet components.
A heat exchange system
Currently , both at home or abroad, in the fresh air ventilator using stationary and rotating heat exchangers have two forms which belong to Rotary rotary type heat exchanger . From the perspective of normal use and maintenance , still better than the rotary type , but more than 2 × 10000m3 / h mainframe , the general can only be achieved by the wheel type heat exchanger , it can be said that each of the stationary and rotary there are advantages and disadvantages.
For ease of flow passage arranged inside the device , in order to reduce the overall volume of new wind ventilators using a cross-flow , static plate heat exchanger . That is : the direction perpendicular movement of hot and cold gas , which belongs to the convective heat transfer properties of the turbulent flow within the boundary layer .
Therefore, sufficient heat exchange can achieve higher energy efficiency.
2 , the power system
Part of new wind power ventilators used in high efficiency , lower noise fan . After the filtration, purification and heat exchange processing mandatory fresh outdoor air into the room , through the filter while the indoor harmful gas purification and heat exchange process after the compulsory discharge outdoors.
3 , the filter system
The new wind ventilators filtration system is divided into early , in effect , four sub-efficient and effective filter . Ventilator settings were at the two inlet air filter can effectively filter airborne dust particles , fibers and other impurities , effectively prevent outdoor airborne dust and other impurities into the room to achieve the purpose of purification , and to ensure that the host 's hot the switching member is attached dirt affect device performance .
4 , the control system
① fresh air ventilator use reliable electrical components to achieve safe and reliable operation and longevity were different air volume control .
② optional depending on the environment of different control methods .
③ can achieve automatic , regular , preset .
5, the noise reduction system
The new wind ventilators host pasted inside the shell of polyethylene foam, sheet metal junction have long-lasting sealing material , which can effectively reduce the machine 's noise.
6 , the housing
The new wind ventilators shell is made of cabinet structure. Were used to spray cold plate , stainless steel plates of different materials , can also choose different materials processed in accordance with the actual needs of the user .
3 new wind ventilators function
1 , filtration and purification of air and ensure indoor air quality .
2 , ensure that the indoor cooling and heating load ( temperature ) substantially independent of the impact of new wind .
Features 4 new wind ventilators
1 , two-way ventilation
Indoor and outdoor two-way ventilation , fresh air and polluted air equivalent replacement , according to customer requirements to achieve positive and negative pressure operation ; completely separated from the fresh air and exhaust air , completely avoid cross- infection.
2 , the filtering process
Configure different filter materials, new air filtration treatment can effectively purify the air. Compliance with building regulations. Equipped with different filters can effectively block access to indoor pollutants such as dust and harmful gases . Can be configured according to the requirements of cleanliness , efficiency filter .
3 , energy efficient
Built- stationary heat exchangers, heat exchange efficiency greater than 70% , cooling and heating load ( room temperature ) is not new wind affected significantly reduce the energy needed new air management to achieve energy efficient .
4 , easy to use
A variety of models , suitable from 15 square meters to 1,100 square meters of building units , integrated structure , built-in heat exchanger , dual fans , filters, simply connect the power supply and outlet ( channel ) can be used, not only to simplify the design and adapt to various renovation projects.
5 , safe and reliable
Low-noise fan and internal noise reduction processing , to prevent interference with the on-site , in addition to the whole fan with no moving parts , virtually no maintenance , can ensure long-term stable and reliable work , once and for all .
6, low cost high efficiency
Alternative new air handling equipment , do not have a single set of operating room can reduce the investment in equipment and construction area , the use of energy-saving heat recovery technology to significantly reduce operating costs, energy saving new air handling more than 30% , no heat source supply, integration structure to reduce the maintenance workload , saving labor costs
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