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Cabinet air conditioning units


Product Features :

    An energy efficient, durable : The unit uses the latest design of a scroll compressor , high energy efficiency , reliability, smooth running , quiet. While the unit is provided with a system of high-voltage protection, low voltage protection, phase loss protection , overload , power and durable products .

    Second, low noise: low-speed impeller units wide selection of galvanized steel and low-noise fan motor, one by one before shipment rigorous balancing test , with the efficient sound-absorbing cotton insulation , ensuring maximum noise reduction unit based on unit performance .

    Third, multi-system design, a wide range of energy regulation : multi- crew system design technology , a wide range of energy regulation , more energy-efficient unit , even if the independent system design a system failure does not affect other systems work properly.

    Fourth, efficient condenser : shell and tube condensers countercurrent design, the internal thread brass tube using the latest technology , requires less water , will be able to achieve efficient heat exchange performance .

    Five Easy installation : 1 , the unit as a whole -mounted design, compact structure , covering the province , as long as the installation of cooling water systems , and power is turned on to commissioning, trial ; 2 , unit inlet and outlet pipe position freely around the construction site as needed transformation.

    Six, easy to operate, control and complete : 1 unit mining regulations indeed , with microcomputer automatic control, LCD interface , temperature control range :16- 35 degrees ; 2 , a key to boot, color backlit LCD and intuitive to understand , easy to operate .

    Seven easy maintenance : In order to facilitate the production with the needs of different users and easy maintenance on the system has been designed as a single cycle loop , which corresponds to a compressor of a refrigeration cycle system , when a circulatory system failure or security .