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Modular air conditioning

          Modular air conditioning units (stacked ZK-D)                                                              Modular air conditioning units (Horizontal ZK-W)

Energy-saving automatic modular air conditioning units                                                            Modular air conditioning units

ZK Series modular air conditioning units is my company with decades of experience specializing in the production of air conditioning units , learn the advantages of similar units at home and abroad , based on the introduction of advanced technology and production processes developed. The cooling unit can be air dried , heating, humidification, filtration, purification , and has muffler function. It can be widely applied to the occasion as well as hospital operating rooms, pharmaceutical, tobacco , food , precision instruments manufacturing shopping malls, hotels , office buildings , stadiums and other required centralized processing such as purification of air conditioned places .
        ZK series air handling units of general-purpose units (ZK), purified type units (ZKJ) two kinds. Air volume 2000 ~ 300000m 3 / h. I produced the performance of air conditioning units ( such as cold , heat, noise , sealing ) are currently the leading domestic level .
First, the unit features
         A unique combination of design : a unique combination of design features section , mixing section , filter section, cooling section , heating section, humidification section , silencer section , fan section and other independent manufacturers , and then be combined according to different requirements, from general use of air-conditioned comfort to demanding hospital operating rooms and other clean technology integrated clean room air conditioners can meet the requirements. The height and width of the unit the flexibility to choose to suit site conditions require dimensions of the unit . You can spare parts shipped to the site , and then a combination of on-site installation .
         2 , reasonable frame structure , durable products , excellent insulation properties : the use of reinforced aluminum frame structure , the use of high-intensity angular pieces of the unit is connected to a solid overall , but also arranged a reasonable intermediate support , making the unit force uniform, thus ensuring the unit does not deform under high pressure . Cabinet panel for the double wall structure, the inner layer of galvanized steel, the outer layer of color composite plate, the middle using 30 ~ 50mm thick CFC-free polyurethane closed as insulation materials, thermal conductivity, good thermal insulation waterproof . At the same time strengthen the structure wall interior design , the unit stronger and more durable. Between the panel and the frame is made of aluminum insulation protection, completely eliminating cold bridges , small leakage rate , good sealing. A whole new unique structure , strong rigidity, light weight, easy disassembly.
         3, the performance guarantee , quality and excellence : coil ( cooler , heater ) according to the American Association of air conditioning and refrigeration ARI standard design, the use of imported copper aluminum heat exchanger production line string , high efficiency heat exchange coil , wind resistance, water resistance small . There are around aluminum heater pipe ( steel ) , steel and aluminum ( copper and aluminum ) composite pipe available.
Fans KF Series uses advanced central air special double inlet centrifugal fan , high efficiency, low noise , wide head range. Use high-efficiency motors , installed in the fan section , isolated dust in the air , make it work in a clean and cool the air, reduce power consumption and extend motor life motor . Configurable dry steam humidifier, high-pressure spray humidifier, wet film humidifier, high humidification efficiency , energy saving.
        4 , quiet operation : fan and motor vibration damping seat installed in the spring , and the fan with a soft takeover and outlet connection, make vibrate the motors, fans and other parts of the effective separation of the air box , eliminate vibration transmission . Fan shaft and impeller closely with all impellers are statically and dynamically balance correction , smooth operation.
        5 , easy maintenance : The unit is equipped with a specially designed access door easy to open repair and maintenance ; condensate water to be specifically anti-rust treatment ; cabinet removable , remove all the parts to repair. Does not damage the cabinet firmness ; unit configuration table .

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