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Column fan coil (water air-conditioning)

Product Name: Column fan coil 
Product Code: FP-LZ 
Column fan coil (water air-conditioning) 
Fan coil unit mainly by the centrifugal fan coil heat exchanger, etc., is a central air conditioning system terminal units, fan coil Column (water air conditioning) are widely used in hotels, restaurants, factories, hospitals, exhibition halls, shopping malls and Air-conditioned room or office buildings and other large space where industrial and civil construction to meet the cooling, dehumidification, heating and other requirements. For people to create a clean, quiet, spring working and living environment. 

Column fan coil (water air conditioning) This unit can be placed in the living room, office lobby, bedroom and other occasions, appearance, generous, space saving, easy to install, can be commensurate with the interior decoration. Air conditioning for old buildings engineered to reduce pipeline, cost savings. This series of products using a wide range of microcomputer control, with a remote control. 
FP-LZ Column fan coil (FP-LG closet fan coil) air conditioning performance parameters namely water table.
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