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Horizontal concealed fan coil

Product Name: horizontal concealed fan coil
Product Code : FP-WA
 Fan coil unit mainly by the centrifugal fan coil heat exchanger , etc., is a central air conditioning system terminal units , fan coil which is widely used in hotels, restaurants, factories, hospitals , exhibition halls , shopping malls and office buildings and other multi-room or large air-conditioned space industry and civil cases, in order to meet the cooling , dehumidification, heating and other requirements. Fan coil for people to create a clean, quiet , spring working and living environment.
 FP-WA horizontal concealed fan coil , horizontal concealed fan coil particularly low profile, can be ideally placed in the ceiling , combined with interior decoration , coupled with the outlet , horizontal concealed fan coil is a hotel, restaurant , office ideal air conditioning equipment.
Water Pipe
3 / 4'' thread
Condensation pipes
3/ 4'' male thread
Power supply
1, the cooling capacity of working parameters : inlet air dry bulb temperature 27 ℃, wet bulb temperature 19.5 ℃, water temperature 7 ℃, water temperature 5 ℃.
2 , for the heat working parameters : inlet air dry bulb temperature 21 ℃, water temperature 60 ℃, with the cooling water flow conditions .
3 , the unit was 2.0MPa pressure test , allowing the maximum working pressure 1.6MPa.
4 , and another four controls ( one plus two , and add two , three plus one ) unit.
Special Release : Conversion type fan coil, high static pressure and low static pressure type set on a fan coil units , converted by red and white two-terminal plug , very convenient.