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European fan coil

European fan coil [ manufacturers] Vertical mounted fan coil
Guelleh [ ] horizontal concealed fan coil quoted Shandong Guelleh environmental conditioning fan coil manufacturers Limited supply European fan coil product features are Guelleh European environmental conditioning fan coil fan coil air volume 350 -2500m3 / h
Appearance, compact structure, the thickness of only 230mm -. Color elegance and beautify interiors.
Outlet grille with beautiful lines , convertible wind angle.
Decorative piece removable front panel for easy repair and maintenance crew on a regular basis .
Specially designed air filter installation, no tool that is able to filter disassembly , cleaning and maintenance is very convenient.
Coolant water out from the bottom or rear .
Condensate drain pan made ​​of stainless steel are available upon request . Vertical surface mounted Dimensions chart
Vertical surface mounted Model Description Note : In the face of fan coil outlet, the inlet and outlet water on the left of the left , and vice versa for the right water . Example : FP-68WA-Y said air volume of 680m3 / h, not back bellows and right horizontal concealed fan coil water . FP-102WA3-XZ said air volume 1020m3 / h, with bellows next time , left the water outlet static pressure 30PA horizontal concealed fan coil .

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